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the incision itself. The abdominal cavity having been opened,
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surgeons must travel to ensure for their wounds an uninterrupted
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one occasion he had for four days great difficulty in
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this poison to the man by the bite, as he appeared tho
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operation and so narcotising is its action that, if respired during sleep,
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autequam in terram descenderint, turn alia ibidem dementia,
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it is entitled to a share of its advantages," He further says : " If
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Any available vein is used for the administration of neo-arsphena-
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times occurs in old people and bed-ridden patients.
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and heavy feeling in his legs, and finds that he tires
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'aynd krdstyan(awi) ' the [evil] eye of Christians ', cf. Worrell, in, 131.
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national president spoke briefly, and reports were given
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Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa., and ordered home.
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as comminuted. The symptoms are a raising and lowering of
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little sulphur is then added after which the articles
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atrophy he did not feel sure of the existence of a large
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would suggest an explanation. The amputation of the physical
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advantages of the stomach-pump in the cases alluded to. Dr. Schliep believes
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a few days by daily insufflating aristol into the maxillary antra. He
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against 2^ M.L.Ds. of Shiga toxin. When, after the lapse of four months,
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and brain exhibited illustrate how epilepsy and insan-
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patient. "Well, I don't know, doctor," he feebly replied. "I
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