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least had the power of postponing the secondary rash. He was
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The proper disposal oj garbage and stable refuse in camps is also
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ground in regions where tliis disease is endemic. The malarial germ has
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dissolving Chloride of sodium in an infusion of Piper nigrum. As soon
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temesse preparation still gave one year later an agglutination of 1
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tumefaction of the lumbar region, and fever. At the beginning of
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especially suppurative processes in various organs, are asso-
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but now I buy and sell the world over in a day." " To-day/'
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shoulders, and of a peculiar burning and tickling in the throat.
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bral were ecchymosed; the conjunctiva red and bloated; and the
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(d) A hygienically satisfactory supply of individual drinking
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and co-workers used filamentous phage libraries display-
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presence of ammonia the alkalinity of the lime or baryta
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up his dearly bought experience and offer its deductions to his fellow laborers
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at anchylosis at the end of a period of three years.
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lumbar-colotomy should be preferred to the establishment of
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decided advantage over the modes of treatment in general
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happen to be of opposite temperaments. At least my observation sustains this
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equilin, eq uilenin, hippulin . . . are probably also pres-
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could be ascertained by vaginal examination, the diagnosis and
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probably aneurismal, I succeeded in procuring marked amelioration, and,
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The quarterly distribution of 100 deaths from dysentery in the Native
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virulence to mischievous medication. On the other hand, the
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tinal antiseptics, as, clearly, we cannot be sure that medicines
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Hazzard describes a case in which a hat pin was lodged in the ure-
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entific men we are bound to look at every side of the
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1892, but without data; probably collected late in June, near Elk

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