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Jan. 4, 8 a.m. — No new symptoms. Child seems well, per-

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distances up to 500 metres, middle distances from 500 to

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was chairman of the Ophthalmological section; American Ophthal-

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Solutions of continuity one is obliged to cover with india-

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favourable, becomes, on the contrary, unfavourable.

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Dr. Peterson married, April 3, 1895, at Waco, Texas, Antoinette

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seemed broken into fragments, and the whole a granular mass of

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five months, two doses daily. During the summer there were

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previous was born her great-granddaughter Rachel Hussey,

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table organism exactly resemble those of an animalcule, or those

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arriving at the same time, etc., are, together with the

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one at least of which was translated into Italian, and other European

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gastric and intestinal complaints, being attributed to this cause. In teeth-cutting,

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to, Dr. George M. Sternberg of the United-States army, a brief

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gently observant experience. In the treatment of these chronic

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Doctrines of the Circulation. By J. C. Dalton, M.D. Phil-

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to the mother : " I am extremely sorry to hear an unfavorable

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less, careful examination will sometimes reveal anaemia, though usually

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disease : and I also believe, with old Dr. Ware, that " No patient

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an epiphysial-diaphysial track, and has led, on the head of the

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son, Joseph Hensaw Flint, was a surgeon of Xorthampton and Spring-

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received in 1866 his degree as Doctor of Medicine. For about nine-

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large vessels are affected. Amongst twelve cases of lesions

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he attended the grade and high schools. Deciding to prepare for

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The volume opens with a very sensible preface and intro-

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opposed with success to them, which are, nevertheless, amenable

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wants of such cases, to have a sanitary ship — an old hull of

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which were constant in the six provers are deemed by us as

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The crash, the confusion, the uncertainty attendant upon a rail-

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Dulacska recommends that burns should be dressed with soda

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of a work entitled "An Aid to Materia Medica" (New York, G. P.

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mastoid, etc.), Myalgia cervicalis, or rheumatic torticollis. The pain is located

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fact that the patient took no solid nourishment for a week.

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117. 118. Distribution of the sensory cutaneous nerves in the trunk and upper

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and a useful guide in this branch of professional work, Dr. Play-

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of the United States to recognize and remove diseased

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and twenty-eighth days). Dr. Charles A. Gale is the secretary.

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said, " The habit of viewing mind as an intangible entity, an in-

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in children at this period. — Southern Journal of Health.

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and of the American Medical Association, of which he was vice-presi-

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house thoroughly disinfected. Both men ultimately recovered.

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Modern Uranoplasty;" "Sigmoid Sinus Thrombosis," seven cases,

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murmurs are actually due to the rubbing upon each other of the abnormally

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His advance as a physician has been steady and sure ;

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