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used in venereal diseases, that their action could be made to
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although they may be imperfect in many particulars, yet I hope they are
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clearest experiments, to be th- of Haller. But this
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in its preparation. •" In the formation of wheaten bread," says
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drug scarcely have so pleasant an influence. Emetics, in
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Epilepsy followed in case 14, and dangerous fits of syncope in
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that the exciting eye is destroyed hopelessly from the
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of such a consummation. But the Trustees would have to yield all
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ration, while it leaves the bones much better covered, and the wound a
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fifty, and intermittent."! These taken in connection with a severe
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pure brandy to consist of alcohol, water, volatile oil, senanthic
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much of the pathology, of the Spinal System by the eminent mind
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"Flamand himself acknowledges that this operation seldom
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the presence of follicular disease, found the eliptical plates wholly un-
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toms were much improved, and he considered himself nearly restored to
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ments to determine the efficacy of impregnating the joints affected with
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cy to increase rapidly, constricting and rendering the skin very
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ought doubtless to be attributed to the bleeding and Morphine.
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December 3d and 4th. — The days that menstruation should have appear-
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the skin the pharmacopoeical tincture, choosing a different part
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treatment of very bad piles, from whieh he had suffered greatly
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15th. Find my patient quite comfortable, having slept pretty
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In the human female, at the earliest period of the bursting of the
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by me, and most of them successfully. Eecently, several examples
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times daily, or twenty-four grains, he receives one and two-thirds
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the caution given above, when speaking of the possibility of that
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the cure of this affection, to- secure a healthy and regular action of
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tion. This is a point, however, which can only be settled by more
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to produce such a mortifying accident. It adds double force to
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That the reader may appreciate the real character and worth of the pro-
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The muscle from its insertion into the perineal body, the exter-
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that the patient is hardly aware of disease, before he is a con-
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strated by experiment on prisoners in the Glasgow Bridewell.
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8th. This morning John has the most abundant crop of vesicles
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was yet a wilderness. Feeling the want of leeches, which he had freely
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viously adverted to, afford vastly more relief than the water
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which appears to be universal amongst these plants.
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stood, to possess valuable therapeutic virtues. But this point can only be
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characterized by one or another of the diatheses mentioned,

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