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Mix them, and stir them together with a wooden rod for an

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regardless of obstacles, springing or dashing violently about,

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disappear in a few weeks. Inflammatory erosions about the vagina are

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The results were as remarkable when looked at from a therapeutic

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(a) One specialist in venereal diseases, who shall be appointed

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lead to errors in diagnosis, but this will usually be avoided by a determina-

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on cystoscopic examination. The tumour was easily shelled out

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disc (well defined and to tlie temporal side) and the region of the yellow spot

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on cardiac murmurs,' although several monographs have been written on the subject.''

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from sections made from portions of skin removed from his own

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in 1880, of the typhoid bacillus, this disease has been robbed of many

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adorned ; and if ambitious men have ideas to ventilate let them

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stumbled into an uncongenial marriage may become the frequenter of the

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in-chief of the French army, concluded an arrangement

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cancerous. In both diseases the same parts of the tongue are

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cases of supra-vaginal hysterectomy with forty-five re-

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He was given to poetry and to the practical study of

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tures which have become apparent during the course of this investigation.

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man, still living at the house of his master, and was

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place they were disinfected and buried, and the bed and bed-

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where the degree of personal association is more intimate than

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"No person not a Fellow of the College shall attend the meeting of a

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