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tion has been delayed by restriction of diet. Frank diabetic

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securely ridee And when the fogs of the ocean encompass, and the

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These too gave a moderately positive reaction, the wheal being

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1. Dr. Dyce records the result of forty cases of polypus uteri

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sympathetic irido-cyclitis there may be rather an alternation of

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ings and sympathies are habitually outraged, it is often impossible to do much good

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Stomach of its natural size, distended with air ; contained a small

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siology, that a vigorous and healthy constitution of body in the parents will com-

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cautions against conception are taken by the use of the Male Safe or Prevention

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even after the most thorough diagnostic procedures have been

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forced breathing. The intensity of the breath sounds may seem

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the disorganization was generally only partial. It seems as if the

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of prostatic hypertrophy we not infrequently find a zero out-

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February 20, 1922 : The condition is the same as on February

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sists in supplying the body with pituitary extract. The basis

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be completed by artificial evolution. That artificial evolution is

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chloride as necessary to the decoloration of indigo we conceive

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the natural time for birth ; and for those whom, by reason of infirmity or malfor-

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prevalent, in greater or less force, along the shores of the Indian

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nerve ; a forceps introduced by the mouth was found to facilitate

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also a number of small transfusions (400 to 500 c.c.) which

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cure. While being used a wrapper of oil silk should be put about the limb at the

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has had a period of decompensation during or shortly before

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removed from 50^.'^ Thus in Melbourne it is almost as destruc-

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and pulmonary inmrctus. In this last complaint the quantity of

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4. Nor attributable to a state of hyper»mia of the spinal

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1868.] Report on the Health of the Navy, 1863-64. 809

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Specific] Next in this list stand January, February, and March, when the major

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good. They can never be compensated for by the passive exercises of the indolent

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tions, and there should be little fear of ether anesthesia, as it is

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opportunely. The sensational talk and writing indulged in

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and one neglected spot may rapidly extend the disease again over

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twice contained a partly purulent, in one case a viscid, choco-

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cordium, which radiated to the left side posteriorly and to the

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nitrogenous output. Estimations of the excretory power of

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