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came on during the attack and has persisted ever since.
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asked to send protests to their Representatives at Columbus, using the
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February 16th, 1906, Dr. F. E. England, President, in the Chair.
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clearly shows the value of the application of physiological methods both
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stood for some time it is probably quite indistinguish-
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can be served by the same vertical line of vent-pipe, as shown in
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Observed only in Centennial Valley, August 20, J 895 (No. 1755).
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Our First Death and Its Cause: A Letter from the Physician who Attended Her.
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that these sustaining and recuperative properties were retained. Further,
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would be the first to regret. It is not without some excuse that proverb-
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Assistant Professor of Contagious Diseases in the Medical Department of
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more resembled tubercular disease. The lesion healed up
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he remarked quietly; "I shall not harm them." The patient
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1 Icterus is not uncommon. It is probably due to pressure on the duct from
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four and a half hours after ; general health unaltered. On July 3d, improve-
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physical condition, a feeling of satisfaction in their work and amuse-
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plan and scope. Suffice it to say, that the work maintains its
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and one inch thick. It was separate from the brain, merely pressing on it,
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for the rash on his face and a certain amount of sore throat. Enlarge-
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It is suggested that when doctors fight duels, the weapons used should
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I desire to call attention to the word "preservative" in which
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Lieutenant-Colonel G. W. Stlpp, U.S.A^ Medical Inspector, is relieved
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throughout from a humoro-pathological point of view, and seems
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with the left kidney are not extensive in the infant, for the large
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to l^eyden, where he began his formal medical studies.
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of the hemorrhage was removed. But, in general, the recumbent po-
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it is of an essentially different nature from the toxins we have
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After bleeding u largely" from the arm, or, what Dr. West considers
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produced of counter-stroke fracture of the skull from gun-shot — a nega-
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we can most heartily commend the volume to the atten-
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Gangrene from cold in the Crimea. — The effect of constitu-
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then and except once when staying at a high altitude, has felt very well. Her
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sweet spirits of nitre. I believe it acts on the skin and kid-
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sibility, however, extended to only a very slight depth. He had con-
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ones, and the stables quarantined. It is the duty of owners of the
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Treatment. — Cut down upon and remove any detached or
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strengtlis, and the quantity to each cubic centimetre is given. It
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iodine. Its advantage over the iodides of the alkalies lies in the fact that it

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