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arteriosclerosis, particularly of the brain and spinal cord. In the
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series of family successions with which I have had connection either as phy-
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The Forty-Eighth Annual Report of the Superintendent of the
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yet mostly backward ; when h^ gets up with the assistance of some
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Advertising Rates for the Mass. Eclectic Medical Journal.
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These are some of the sad reflections which are borne in upon us
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considered as somewhat doubtful that it was a true case of
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Studies involving adults and elderly people usually are
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placed for the first week following critical operations. An
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limb exists which can always be easily traced back to its cause.
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bacillus that Kodet and G. Eoux contend that the latter is simply a variety
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to add to the consideration of this subject. I am gratified
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the hospital the next- morning and the mastoid opened, some pus
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the brain discounts sparingly. If a " run " is made upon it, it par-
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half an ounce of liquid paraffin three times a day, and a small enema
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and scopolamine, followed by open ether, the ideal in anaesthesia had
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come thoroughly unconscious, and paralysis of one side will
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Messrs. B. 0. & G. C. Wilson, at 28 Merchants Row,
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> ArebiT Ar wlMeiMob. HeUk., vol IL 1856 ; and thto JohtdaI, Na 8K. 1806.
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than normal, and with the advance of the disease these deposits
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Case 1.— F. J. was a boy, fifteen years old, who was
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point to the presence of fracture. Detect crepitus by laying the
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has been nearly in an inverse ratio to the sobriety of the inhabi-
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bered that, once a hospital of this t^-pe is 100 major cases behind, it
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which we have referred, for there also followed in the
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body, such as the microbe of quarter-evil. The latter class
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tions of a literature made thus facile of access, are not

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