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tiates quietly to assume a title to which they had no
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In that case we are hastily to cut down and pull the
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lieving that pneumonia was a general disease, due to a specific
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forth a strong diabetic odor, and examination of the urine
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gives a graphic account of his dangerous position for two hours, after
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Localization work has been interesting : it has brought out very much
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nerves may thus be brought about, just as paralysis of the legs
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Vincent, Ludger C, 350 W. 58th St., New York, New York Co.
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practising turning by the feet. That Nature sometimes completes
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phy, eiljier from hepatic or paludal causes. The results
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cases hyperresthesia of the skin of the palms of the hands and of the soles
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parts are furrowed by large wavy bundles of connective tissue, visible when
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fn ascertained within late years ; and it is probable that here is a
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almost covered with " seeds " as in the case from which one of the
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progeny by another male partake of the features of the father
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dial properties would prove equally successful in carbuncle, arising,
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remedies when, as a last resort, she is forced to adopt
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progress necessarily varying in different instances. More distant
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health of his faithful subjects by our late Sovereign of ever-
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sum of the matter. For quantitation of the bag samples showed
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gery was indicated, one must of course close the chest
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effect when the attack has lasted for some hours. For
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sometimes effected a standstill of the respiration, at least in rabbits
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progress necessarily varying in different instances. More distant
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the old theatre, it is sufficient to remark that it was small,
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acute pain during this time, there being only a constant dull aching in the
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digitalis, and is of the utmost value when there is exhaustion in
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The jaundice has apparently only been noticed for about
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these factors, in other cases the other, may be the chief or only
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sensations experienced by certain aviators in their ascents and descents, which
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any general septicemic process. The degree of virulence and
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$3f It is of great importance, that Practitioners, and others, using Botanic Medi-
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bustion thus induced for this object produces the excess of
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' Kead before the Obatetrical Society of Boston, March 11, 1893.
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anterior chamber, and was seen to ride, as it were,
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operation had been postponed for a few months on account
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cludes the Flats in the vicinity of the Cuyahoga and the Old
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