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fine flour, and the balance is coarse ligneous powder, suitable for

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when they are defeated, paralysis of the parts follows, for the nerves

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searches of modern experimental medicine. It will be

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follows : Husky voice, moderate cough chiefly in morning, yellowish

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rected under the inflammatory putrid fever of the ox. The dosea

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FOR SALE — A good paying practice of seven years,

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organism multiplies within the body for the purpose of

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breathing, especially well heard in the areas overlying the great

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pursued or of being poisoned, just as in delirium tremens. Occasionally

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Galtier injected virulent saliva into the jugular of seven

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the cause is usually such as is unaffected by the administration

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as the point where this anastomoses with another small vein, beyond which

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sures of luxurious food. Like other savages, it is true, he will on many

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I saw several men who for months had been paralysed in their arms

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breakfast, and the urine increased to ten ounces. Two

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nephritis, Elliott, A. R., 15; the medical treatment of movable kid-

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a complication." He objects, also, that Pingaud's theory only

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The impurities found in water are of various kinds, but

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some parts of the United States where the rose is largely culti-

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by the extraction of a tootli, it is an easy matter to cure this disease

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