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wound, generally from the sixth to the eighth day, occasion-
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well, as we call it, through the ever-present effort of the ever-
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haemorrhage which is formidable, on account of its abun-
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to six weeks, two days' duration ; flow scant, thick, of dark
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spine are found classed under Pott's disease, or disease of the
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should remember that it is a positive fact that periodical hem-
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View Reservoir, which is part of the New York Water Supply Sys-
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specialty ari; : '' Muchanical and Methods of Treat-
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thinking immaterial existence, — the mind." These two extreme
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ferred upon him the degree of A.M., and Union College,
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question is not one of congestion. The history will throw light
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Clinic in Gynecology from July 1, 1907, to January 1, 1917. He has
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terms at Cortland Academy, at Homer, New York. His professional
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seemed compelled to work. She taught one term and then
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fit of our patients. We are practical men : we reject nothing
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grim manifestation among the unlucky babies of fifty years ago.
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If from the most prominent, the most external, part of the
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Dr. J M. Prilay has taken the practice of Dr. Knowles at Bangor, Me.
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Seminole War and was one of the captors of Osceola, the famous
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tions of reputable allopathic physicians. But there could scarcely
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collection of data contained in Hirschel's " Text-book of Homoe-
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was published in the Journal of the American Medical
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insensibility was not profound, for he could be partially aroused
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ing to the errors of this conviction, and to their neglected duties
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manding personality and by his setting the highest standards did a
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firing from improvised trenches, render the different seg-
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This, the latest publication on the theory and practice of gyn-
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tive, respiratory, circulatory, etc., is one of mutual support, with
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simple and humane. Polypharmacy is distinctly deprecated ;
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tents an appreciative paper on that deservedly beloved author and
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usually lower in uraemia, in this instance it was elevated, and

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