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over the exposed part of the sac the contained organs were gradually

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apices and anterior margins, emphysematous patches were seen. There

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nardino Ramazzini, whose book first appeared in 1700,

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he felt. A note with which Dr. Hay, his former medical attendant,

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On the 14th the dressing was removed; the wound was granulating

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tuberculosis, and bacteriological examination revealed the presence of

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objects of it was stated to be "to protest against the appointment" of Dr. Alex-

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tions of eighty minims of ether and one drachm of digitalis in electuary.

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\viTH TO THE LOCAL SECRETARIES. — All other members should

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Temperature at 10 a.m. 38"9° C; at 11 a.m. 38'8° C. ; at midday

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Esmarch's idea to abandon roller and other bandages in the hands of

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What is the origin of tuberculosis in parrots ? This is the most

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carry badly, and are sometimes difficult of demonstration. Casts,

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quantity in preference to any other liquors. Abstinence

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methods. They are either isolated, or, as has been well figured by

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"complication", may, if deferred, become in point of time a "sequel;"

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fact, which throws so prominently into relief the pathological peculiari-

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Where, ringed with stately death, proud Grenville lies,

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Diagnosis. — Chronic myocarditis, probably complicated by chronic

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whilst the working classes and many able women of this countij- have

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