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indeed, is probably identical with that to which attention was espe-
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further, and analyzed in detail. We may verify the flattening and
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by the irritation of the lateral columns, with the result of a loss of power
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perature, and scanty urine of high specific gravity with a lateritious
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massage on the muscles has not been perceptible. Gowers, however,
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to variations in temperature, since generalization of the peritonitis may
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finger-nail over the skin, are easily induced. Sweating is frequent, and
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and which in its chronic form consists of repeated paroxysms of one or
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aided by antipyrin and the bromides. It is essential also to maintain the
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line. It was removed after death with forceps. He was delirious
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associated with dyspnoea and cough, perhaps with dizziness and faintness.
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especially if jaundice is associated. A number of calculi may be present
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of curds or other particles of undigested food in the stools, indicate that
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that he has obtained extraordinary results from hypodermic injections
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plain of headache, dizziness, mental sluggishness, depression of spirits,
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the trophic changes in the skin and cellular tissue. Prom peripheral
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same time that the auriculo-ventricular valves are opening, for. the
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in 1864 was 7249. Clinical instruction is also regularly given in this
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be present at an early stage of intestinal obstruction, and are often a
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instances more than one member of the family suffered ; and Shakovitch
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In ununited fractures, close and constant apposition of the fhig-
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kidney is extremely rare, due in all probability to the failure to seek for
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those of intense tire to those of collapse. In severe cases the attack
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intestinal disturbance is lacking in acute rheumatism. Acute polymyo-
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peritoneum or the connective tissue of the portal fissure, with the pro-
they are prevented from floating to the surface, the dulness is no longer
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kidney, or renal phthisis, has become a matter of general acceptance only
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secretion of considerable size with edges lamellated like those of an oyster-
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all nervous diseases whose pathology is not established. Again, in the
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is superior to the older and simpler forms. It will often be found that
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recent years the mortality among English soldiers in India and in Egypt,
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that men are more frequently attacked than women, and that those who
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toms of a weak heart in a fat person. Since excessive fat may be removed
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should be arrested by mechanical measures. The exhaustion and anaemia
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evidence of the condition of the stomach, especially with reference to
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there be any difficulty whatever in passing urine, catheterization should
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of death, although dysentery, delirium, coma, and convulsions are less
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food, especially in artificial feeding, particularly when the food is of
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a few hours after their departure, and in no instance could it be as-
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est benefits man ever received, saw the light." Numerous experi-
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half- drachm to three drachms of either may be used at once. An excel-
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of the throat occurring in diphtheria and scarlet fever and found the
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sixty-seven per cent, recovered, eighteen per cent, died, and in fifteen
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