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would undertake to cure him; to which he consented,

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Dubois has classified his critics into the three categories indicated above,

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land, 1893— Whole vs. Cut Seed at Wheatland, 1894 — Different

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2d day of August, and died with black vomit on the fifth

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use of any influenza vaccine known at the present time, for either preventive or curative

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the decoction of broom tops after it, has effected a cure after

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28. Gonmori H. Maekawa T. Kobayashi N, et al: The role of tissue thrombo-

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theology, and medicine, as destitute as a beggar, he

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iuch, vol. xi. — 34. Erlenmayer. Centralbl. f. Nervenheilkunde, 1883, No. 17, p. 385.

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Pettit 10 has demonstrated that if rats are injected with diphtheria

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and of the uterus, thereby shortening, by over -distention,

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upon the fever ; antipyretic treatment, the simple withdrawal of

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