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Pemphigus makes its appearance within so few hours after birth,
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cattle and sheep, we find that slaughter-houses are favorable for
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which it requires no nice olfactory to discover. There
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The method does not seem to be adapted to lupus, although the Finsej
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approached nearer to the precordial region, and the reson-
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times almost painful to witness. She was rather list-
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named the organism the Streptococcus involutus, and he was inclined to
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make it possible to add to the herbarium a very large
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entered the hospital ; and it is a fact extremely valuable to
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argumentum ex silentio [as] furnished by the fact that salt, the
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reference of the epilepsy to this ammonia cannot be entertained,
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in our herbarium labelled E, umbellatum fall readily into th
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lumen, and they tend to become organised or absorbed ; they rarely dis-
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which were regarded as extremely difficult, and any number of
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haps the most profitable of any in London; and this, together
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(dorsal) root and terms them recurrent fibers. He suggests
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witli a large ({uantity of liorse serum at the first injection liad a more
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atmospheric variables, temperature, humidity and air movement.
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disappeared. A few days later she left the Hospital in excellent
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found. Among collected statistics: of 3,286 cases, 1,627 or 49.51 per cent,
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as marked leukocytosis as did the subcutaneous method.
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of the right motor oculi nerve with ptosis and diver-
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molar, which finally gave rise to a sore. With the menstrual
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characteristic affections are waiting of flesh and nerv-
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