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or some other remedy according to indications is an improvement,
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At 2 P.M. he complained of great abdominal pain, and lay
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that most of them had. Nine of the syphilitic cases were
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Art. IX. This corporation shall be cooperative. Milk or cream may be accepted
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every medical manufacturing establishment in this country, to
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extremely small even at the present day. Lieut.-Colonel Prevost
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staying less time in an infected port, and having better discipline
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knowledge through the medium of education. How could we refuse
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Sciieele's Green (the arscnite of copper.) — Arsenious
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W. S. Phillips, of Belle Center, has been elected president of the
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tions, than to be ready to give immediate relief in those cases
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patient's condition and his prospects. This, whatever may be
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revolution, the diseases of the heart, in all their grades and modifica-
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the peritoneum possesses in itself an inherent power to
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man originally, but everything seems to point to that as the most sure
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eral infection with the pneumococcus and meningitis.
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sults from the slow absorption of lead, usually in the form
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succeed. We feel sure that they will succeed regardless of
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I have been desirous. Gentlemen, to lay these facts before you in
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A direct connection between the want of a spleen and these new
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It is in accordance with these considerations that I con-


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