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racterized by the most ferocious, murderous, or suicidal

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about two years ago." The report goes on to say, that the face on

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geon-General, who had requested me to give him the results of my

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qualfied for. A step was taken, about a year ago, by the War De-

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and swamps. Mosquitos abound ; and yet, owing to the

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ever be the labours of the country surgeon now, they are little in

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into these mucous membranes. If we are not disposed to

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two years after, acutely hypericsthetic. The touch of the

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high altitudes are indispensable for tuberculous patients. Alti-

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escape with less or no harm at all. We are thus compelled to recog-

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knows how to abstract a truth which will hold good to all pos-

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studies of the relation of visceral disease to areas of herpes zoster

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It was not, however, only in Spain, or on leaving its shores,

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So far as the pictures obtained by the esophagoscope are concerned, the following

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as a little tighter than they used to be, and her umbrella,

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syrup), except in patients with impaired consciousness, followed by the ad-

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tory and cardiac paralysis, venesection was tried as a last

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and held office in most of the many public charities of the town,

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when the mixture is first cooled and then placed in the incubator, whereas

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to infancy," the high infantile mortality, the need of singular dexterity in

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(including the fifty-eight in the State Hospital for the Insane) were caused

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observing. Ijamplough,'' in 1897, published fifteen cases of this con-

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with very copious discharge, late in the disease, and witli

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The writer has repeatedly pubHshed^ short reports on the produc-

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cal treatment without much relief, he did not think that any-

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warm, moist climates were replaced Jiere by a stimulation of the

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ensue." It may be, as he suggests, that what really was pysemia was often

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and in which the diminution of red blood cells continues, but is less

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to have the patient in the hospital for at least forty-eight hours prior

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ter extension, and the wound dressed daily with moist

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