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and fixation in extreme flexion for two weeks; then gradual exten-
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apparatus, which was on a barge, consists of an iron furnace which burns
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Another thing which I think was an element in the failure
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thrown down ; from nitrate of silver, or chloride of ba-
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scalp into the skull at one or more points, so as to accurately mark out on
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is prepared from anilin, by dissolving it in concentrated hydro-
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It is not my purpose to give any detailed personal experi-
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is very e%'ident that he cannot direct the volitional
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forcibly dragged upwards and backwards. Less commonly the injury is
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one to two drams of the drug twice daily, either in pow-
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example, not only the importance, but indeed the absolute necessity of
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weight on the back during severe exertion. The original
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and as far as is sufficient for practical purposes, represent the difficulties
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the malignant nature of the obstruction. The patient was exceedingly
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occurred by the infection from the coeliac glands passing backwards to
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ful mode ; in another, of warm or tepid water externally applied ; and,
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republic. England today with its child labor in factories and
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potential, and had shown us the wonders of sublimated elec-
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I am indebted to the politeness of Wm. H. Holly, Esq., of Stam-
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open the hernial sac ; the incision was then prolonged, and
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astringents and antiseptics ; the urinary drugs as diuretics,
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the sewered house since October, 1914, having previously lived in the
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best substitute for that article, of any thing I have ever
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ginning with the smallest doses. It is doubtless indicated as
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from the College, has about 100 beds and an out-patient department. Under
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habit of meeting quarter crack only — is found to be accompanied.
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caring for and suckling them ; therefore, too much attention

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