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affected, and there is a difference in this respect too between
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" ' Not at all. General — no masons, carpenters, no engineers. My
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The exudate begins with the deposit of small grayish
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looking. In other respects, however, he was tolerably well, and a
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Mania transitoria is an episode in the course of other affections
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spots attractive to the living, and are in striking contrast with
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so that the exudate may consist in no inconsiderable part of these degenerated
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Hysterical Contracture and Paralysis, at first supposed to be
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investigation was necessary before a diagnosis could be made. For
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the Exanthemata, is not an essential feature. The second
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tained newly formed cruoric clots, which were non-adherent, and
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vived. Fifteen of the 17 patients were asymptomatic and
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ed to give a correct impression to the general reader,
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too decided, and, I think, indefensible, grounds in the affirm-
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lular tissue. This is often depressed in its center, and sometimes
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unamiable spirit which we have heard sometimes laid to
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cannot do that without too much £»:^ering iu our cold
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proportion of cases, whether severe or otherwise. In the sections dealing
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ant's vertical ex- Similarly molded to the anterior part of thigh may
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physostigma, etc.), or these may be given by injection, or
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ing his life to the amelioration of the fishermen of Labrador,
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the uterus descended to a point about midway between the umbilicus and pubic
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tisements, leave the jxDsition as soon as practicable after becom-
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ished number of cases of tetanus relatively to the number of
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relief is obtained, or as long as the patient can bear it. Al-
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several processes described here ; they are more or

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