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than the employment of most other drugs. Where there is haemor- modafinil
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in which the sick and slightly wounded could gather for
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sion note over the affected part becomes dull, the vocal fremitus
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Second Row: Judith Wade EIlinKham, Clemmons, N C ■
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Sat. Contact: AAOS, Course Operations, 6300 N River Rd, Rosemont, IL
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with the result that she emptied her stomach completely.
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recovered, it does not seem to hav6 been much if any-
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hav'nt time to go crazy ; plenty of practice, good fees and the pets of all
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tients were treated at the Hospital ; and since its organi-
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roadsides near towns from Maine to Ontario and southward. It is common from
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training is of distinct value for public health work, probably
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1 was surprised to see the testicle lying very cosily in the
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opposition to Pott, his pertinent query: "Why not tie it (the
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tie- question of excision would come in: the figures
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a time. Tlie advantage over atropin is that it (ho-
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admitted to hospital on the 21st July 1918. His age was probably
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School has also had much to do with the improvement in
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diseases of the kidneys and the digestive organs and had a wide
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restricted, the condition known as "telescopic vision" resulting. This condition
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was the power of public opinion, no legal measures were necessary to enforce
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Because they give witness of the goodness or badness of
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these, shall never obtain place among true Chymists,
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"repeal all medical laws, freedom from class legislation."
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All letters containing business communications, or referring to the
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beautiful !" Through the whole day he ran about, ascending and
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sor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, has recently made a note-

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