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having a cooling, mildly alkaline taste. Permanent in dry,

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more of the fluid ingested than is the case in man or dogs

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small walnut, is to be well rubbed in, night and morning. Acetate

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assume the fluid state through the action of a liquid.

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that he had lived, since his arrival, at the Port Royal Hotel. He

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opium to prevent nausea or vomiting. Extemporaneous

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recognized, for the sake of rendering diagnosis easy or of conforming

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eye still seemed for a long time to remain in statu quo. In August

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respiratory failure following paralysis of the respiratory

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twenty-three had been passed from the time of receiving the first dose

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■centres, appears, and ushers in the (2) ancesthetic stage, char-

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is incompetent as a manager, or indifferent to the comfort of those

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a dry white spot. If used in sufficient quantity, it leads to

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first stage is to be considered as special — that is to say, as the mani-

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physicians generally ; the subject still requires more investigation.

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den of our Almshouse, both he and liis wife, Mr. and Mrs. Eassctt,

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Soft soap, 650; oil of lavender flowers, 20; alcohol, 300; water to

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"To Tho«. T. Smiley. M.I).. U. S. ) In cliargc of General Mitchell and Staff."

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was established in 1^67, and appears to be steadily growing in useiulr

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the congestion, and this bluish-black look of the anterior portion,

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beef-tea, chicken-broth, <fcc. Pulse more frequent, 145 in a minute.

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solution (1-8) for chronic eczema of dogs. It may also be

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preconcerted theory, than in the present case. And though notes of

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" The kidneys were slightly enlarged and almost wholly transformed

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may be only sufficient to impede, not destroy the circulation. To

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with his left hand, the right is then quickly passed along the

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keep the patient from sinking; and this can only be done by the use

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Jaborandi Holmes, or of Pilocarpus microphyllus Stapf.

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The bark of Quercus alba Linne (nat. ord. Cupuliferge).

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ing the cavity of the tarso-metatai*sal articulation, in which it was

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deaths wen- of cliiKlreii under 10 years old. Of those who died, 26

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tected by Dr. Folwarczny in the ash of human blood and muscular tissue. It has

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disease. Externally, cupping, blisters, iodine paint, Croton oil, tur-

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merous small, opaque, yellow masses. The lower lobe of the lung

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tions for superficial burns. Old clean cotton or linen cloths

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