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boiling water, it forms prisms of the same appearance as the dl-
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Infections. — In 1900, Evans 8 reported a case of typhoid fever in which
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ence the ovaries are always diseased, but this is simply
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preparation for democracy, you must learn to think together and
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produce amaurosis by direct interference with the optic ; will cause conges-
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tion. Now, in the twenty-three cases mentioned in this paper,
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it affects females, on the very reasonable grounds that this disease
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est touch is frequently followed by a flow of blood. I have
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tion, or as attributable to the entrance of air during the post mortem examin-
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As for opinion of his lordship, Earl Stanhope — we
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after resuscitation from acute brain anemia, the respirations when they
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report of the ])ost-mortein appearance should be made. If the dis-
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of Hygiene in 1865. By way of contrast the so-called "Sickness Census"
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checked and the muscular tenderness has sufficiently
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translucent viscid pus, and surrounded by soft hemorrhagic edema-
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with the court in Rome. There are sundry tales of his
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common ailment are not available, physicians need to
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should not be administered internally, however much they may have
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1866. He had recently had an attack of hssmoptysis, which was pre-
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junctivitis; it is much larger than the Weeks bacillus,
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again got well. The next spring it was replaced by the peculiar form of
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case is so complicated that each requires a special treatment
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mouth, is simply a modern " wide bore " " Clover's " inhaler,
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arms, the existence of rickets or other constitutional dis-
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extracts were concentrated to a small volume, and repeatedly treated
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-small extent of the vessel. In that case the oedema and pain only
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still preserves the character claimed for it by the author — that of text-
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which defect of habit ought to have subjected him. No one imagined, nor was

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