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cussion palpation method, found the resistance of the heart to extend

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removal of the finger. It was evidently an aneurism.

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there are invisible sources of infection, " precautions

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Dr. Macgill's remarks, writes as follows on the sub-

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that there had been considerable effusion of blood on

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the breathing appeared easy and natural — and the

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Food of the People, Dr. J. Brown on, rev., 01 ; scanty

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tice or at the Leeds General Infirmary, without the

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investigations of Woolridge, the nerves of the ventricles, which are

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however, escape our notice at the present time. His

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is lost, and the patient falls down ; cold sweat breaks

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cabinets. The two central ones contain dry prepara-

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vermiform fUaments one or two iniUimHres (sometimes

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ampton, •John Hughliugs Jackson, M.D., to Elizabeth Dade, only

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Pneumopericardium was seen by the older anatomists and clini-

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curiously attractive to certain minds in the mystic-

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the disease ; the latter only formed at or after the

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with fine lead dust into a paper which contained the

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rantine, and yet that the disease prevailed in spite

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directions simply and rationally follow the fact that

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with nitrate of sOver, can be easOy shei\"n to com-

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those who have been long in the doctor's hands must

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as they would have interfered with the application of

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Dulness may be so slight as to be scarcely perceptible at all. It is

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been known to select such subjects by preference, as

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of our country, is the representative of the chest-

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events the great probabiUty, that it is contagious.


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