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their effects ; the means of retaining health ; and
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ten years, I find the names of at least twenty sur-
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History. — Five years prior to the test he had scarlet fever. Recently he
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1875 a] <Repert. d. Thierh., Stuttg., v. 37, pp. 228-229. [W m .]
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devoted to the Consideration of the Different Senses : the second to the Cerebro-Spinal
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whose own diathesis was not intensely neurotic. The attacks
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-Diagram of the Cycle of Development of Hseiiioproteus.
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broad chest and bids fair to live many a long day to come.
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of the Department of Health "as a beginning". A controller named
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0-004 to 0-012 of hsematin; 0-10 to 0-30 of haemoglobin, and 0-09 to
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there is a medical school, in which there are thirty-
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der by reference to the nipple and its right border by
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Hom(! f(!V(;r, Sev(!ral day» afterwards pain devflopird
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of health instruction require to be made much more objective than is
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twenty-six cases, all but six of which were fatal. Of these, the smallest
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of these were obviously new to his thoughts ; and it
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sciatica more interesting to the scientilic physician than benelicial to the
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matter, seeing that it includes a treat deal more than mere |>er-
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to have given every mother a shiver of horror. Yet many children
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which the centres are connected. Directly or indirectly this means the
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a distance it was very desirable that an opinion could be arrived at
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paracentesis of the articulation in the early stages of diseases of
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the production of the sound to the mitral valve, and believes it
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foreign body is marked in the njanner to be described, the surgeon at once
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ered as an appendage of that of the cranial cavity.
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fession. The same conclusion applies to the supervision of beverages,
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the lameness produced by the spavin for a time, but a
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soreness in the abdonx-ii and frecjuent waterv dis-
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than at 68 degrees Fahr., the value of careful and intelligent control
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say but that the sulphate of magnesia, or tartrate of antimony, would
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all the influence we may possess individually or as a corporate


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