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an unnecessary care ; as I learned from a patient who

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almost every one of them there were artificial causes operating to produce and

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disease, there are certain predisposing causes of some importance.

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sure, we know that benefit is obtained by the use of small

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Patient With AIDS, Jeffrey D. Kaplan, Daniel M. Musher,

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ter ; hnt one wiiieh he lias recently had Iea<ls me to believe that

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ployed assiduously, under the unfavorable circumstances of protracted

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period of three weeks. He was much emaciated, and so weak that his stools

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special reference is made to the Society in the extracts from the Gen-

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Vaccination. — No action has yet been taken by the Government to

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large) and numbered 3,393,000 to the cubic millimetre of blood.

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ral methods of altering the dose to correspond with the age,

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at large. We can not enter into any correspondence concerning our

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telligence, all the pneumonias at one dinique terminate on the odd days,

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trouble. It was then that I had to vaccinate a great deal alto-

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subject into the field of comparative anatomy and geology. Mr. Tomes,

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termittent, and Remittent Fevers, Saint Vitus' Dance,

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that the difference in susceptibility shown by alexin and sensitizer

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but it should \ye remembered that in myelitis the meninges

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terization in this subject could determine this condition

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The check will be presented to CSMS at its annual meeting

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to-day is generally admitted by obstetricians to be

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