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ends of the sensory nerves ; for when the whole of the sensory nerve roots

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deltaic regions in India, as of the Godaveri and Kaveri rivers, are also

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and in practice we have nothing more to guide us than probabilities

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hands (too often because she asks less remuneration than a fully-trained

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which the tissues would seem to possess greater inherent vitality coupled

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vibrio of Metschnikoff, for instance, thrives well in a serum obtained

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several structures, are liable, at this period, from comparatively s%ht

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on a fir-clad crest near Beyrout, is a pleasant health resort, and probably

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ity and contraction of the field of vision ; in the latter case glasses are

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The oil is only useful when the digestion is in fair order, and should

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intestine in hernia is considerable. A third argument urged in favor of

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ban fell upon the various vibrios described by Finkler-Prior, Deneke,

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destroy them. If, on the other hand, in consequence of their great

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but we soon learnt that the part which these play in infective diseases

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by absolutely cutting off communication with other parts; and other

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the nervous system. Vomiting in the later stages of the disease, especially

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It is well to state here that aerial infection is less common than at

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of fresh tissues (muscle, liver, thyroid, etc.) (28), which have this in com-

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opinion of lint dipped in cold water ; provided it is covered with oiled

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have presumed to have spoken so freely and decidedly of his qualifica-

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duty, for tbe very valuable information be had received at the roeetiogB

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earth. Eosenbach also produced evidence that one of two bacilli was

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John R. Rhinblandbr, M.D., Professor of Anatomy. (Lectures on General, Sur|^cal and Patbo*

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Anato nical instruction and private dissection will form a prominent part in the study of the puptla.

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(/) these processes must occur in invariable succession under identical

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recommended by Carrie (1787) and resuscitated by Brandt (1861), is

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verging of the fibres of the crura, as well as by the bulgings of the me-

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wiil not allow me to refer in any detail to the older observations relating

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