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all the cervix over that form of hysterectomy which leaves
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were for diphtheritic croup five for pseudo membranous croup.
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ally suffices to remove the disturbances which they cause. They show
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supplied from the lowest sacral and coccygeal fourth and fifth
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good except that it overlooks the use of an alternating
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Last winter losses were per cent among sheep depending on range. Sheep are
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use. Dr. Mcintosh has recommended bloodletting in this stage of the dis
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nlstog nique et pathogenique. Cong internat. de la tn
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of the heart depressed by chloroform found that such depression
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normal in appearance but the pain recurs monthly and it
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after a given interval remove the contents of the stomach
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another case. A piece of ice is applied to a finger. The immediate

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